Chef Cecil G

Chef Cecil G currently serves as the Vice President of Juanita’s Kitchen’s Luxury Catering brand “JK Catering,” rated #1 in the South Florida Area. Throughout his career he has served as a personal chef to wealthy clientele in the Hamptons, New York, Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida. Cecil is proud to have served as the first Executive Sous Chef for Sol Melia during his time in Atlanta, GA.

Chef Cecil received his AS in Culinary Arts and Bachelors in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University. Being a “military brat,” born in Panama, Cecil is well-traveled, with his family’s journey throughout Europe and the United States helping him to establish an interest in many foods and cultures at a young age. Chef Cecil specializes in a multitude of cultural cuisines, with his focus being unique, delicious dishes from the Caribbean Islands and South America. Upon graduating from Johnson and Wales, Cecil’s culinary career took him to many different places, but he calls Miami home. Returning to South Florida in 2015, Chef Cecil did not hesitate to make his mark on the community, being named one of Miami’s Top 40 Under 40 by Legacy Magazine.

Ultimately, Chef Cecil’s goal is to become an international chef, and retire to his own school for urban youth throughout the south to educate young people on the benefits of good food, and how it affects the health and stability of a household.



Chef Anthony Wilson

For 8 years, Chef Anthony Wilson has provided great food and exceptional catering services to clients in Miami, Florida. His career started at the Salvation Army, following his experience at the charity, he worked for Macy’s Catering division—a branch of the brand that is noted for talented chefs and designer cuisines. While at Macy’s, Chef Anthony had a vision of owning a catering company that would blend his passion for artful dishes, and his talent for creating pleased consumers. And so, in partnership with Chef Everad Campbell, Star Catering & Events was born, and was soon in high demand all over Miami. With the rise of Star Catering, Chef Anthony’s career took off. He has cooked for Hip Hop Superstars Missy Elliot and Trina, and former NFL player Bryant McKinney. Chef Anthony has a host of accomplishments under his belt during his expansive career in the culinary arts, and he is especially proud of his work with the SEOFINC 2015 We Are One Fundraiser. Chef Anthony believes it is important to give back to his community, and he regularly donates clothes, and food to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in Miami.

While he is experienced in cooking international dishes, Chef Anthony is known for his southern treats such as his signature White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding and his delicious Mac & Cheese. Currently, he is working on a cookbook titled SUNDAY FUNDAY BRUNCH AT CHEF ANTHONY’S, set to be released in the fall of 2016. Always fond of having his hand in many pots, Chef Anthony is also working on a pilot for a reality show, to feature his hilarious sense of humor and his keen attention to detail when preparing his renown dishes. He lives by the quote “Dream the Impossible,” and is excited to welcome all on his journey.



Chef Manny

“Whether making dinner with my grandma Georgia Bell or baking desserts with my mom Sandra, those experiences shaped the kind of chef I would become today,” says the grateful Chef Many of his love for cooking. I am grateful I had the chance to grow up creating memories so rich (so rich I can still smell both of their kitchens!) with the two most important women in my life. As a retired firefighter of the City of Miami, my dad Emanuel Sr. (or, “Pop”) also played a defining role in my career by showing me the ways of the firehouse chef. I started off as a rookie making grilled chicken breasts, and now I’ve been on Cutthroat Kitchen making Flambés. From cooking for my FD colleagues to winning my first cooking challenge on Food Networks Cutthroat Kitchen, now to a recent contestant on Masterchef my identity as a foodie continues to evolve.

Enjoying the opportunity to increase knowledge and culinary skill. Follow me on my journey, and let me fire up your taste buds!!!!!